– Only served in the Bar & Lounge until 11 o’clock PM –


Homemade Fried Onion Rings € 10
Deliciously fried beer battered onion rings served with barbecue sauce.

Cheese Cubes € 6
Served with mustard.

Ganda ham € 7,5
Thinly sliced Belgian cured ham.

THE bruschettas Appelmans € 8
Sun-dried tomatoes, bread, garlic and fresh basil.

Black Smoke Bitterballen Deluxe € 10
Crispy balls (6) chock-full of slow-smoked meat and Duvel beer flavored ragout served with Black Smoke’s signature Carolina mustard madness sauce.

Warm Tapas € 10
Calamari, veggie spring rolls and fried shrimp served with sweet chili sauce.

Vacherin Mont D’or € 10 An out of the oven traditional Swiss cheese delicacy served with bread.

Jamaican Chicken wings € 10

Pretzels € 8
Served with a cheese-and-beer dip.