Gift for your guests

A gift for your guests?!

We’re honoured that you chose us to take good care of your guests. But maybe you were already playing with the idea of spoiling them even a little bit more. Perhaps you would like to give them something to remember you by?!

Therefore we gladly suggest the book ‘BAR & FOOD’, written by Kasper Stuart (owner of Brasserie Appelmans & Absinthbar) and foodwriter Marc Declercq ( It’s a wonderful piece of writing on cocktails, restaurant food and the music of Brasserie Appelmans and its bars. 256 pages full colour with special ‘glow in the dark’-cover and QR-codes that will take you to a site where you can download music and videos.

Browse through the book by clicking on the link below:


For the purchase of multiple copies, we’d like to suggest the following prices:

5 copies or more:

€ 26,50/book – advantage of € 1,75/book

10 copies or more:

€ 24,50/book – advantage of € 3,75/book

20 copies or more:

€ 22,75/book – advantage of € 5,5/book

30 copies or more:

€20,75/book – advantage of € 7,5/ book


All prices are inclusive of VAT