Appelmans Plate Lunch Veggie € 18.50

Three lovely disches on one plate with:

*Belgiam cheese croquette
*Toasted sourdough bread with Straciatelladi Burrata (soft fresh mozzarella) and tomato gremolata
*A fresh soup by de chef

Appelmans Plate Lunch Fish € 18.50

Three lovely disches on one plate with:

*shrimp croquette of gray North Sea shrimp
* Toasted sourdough bread withScottish smoked salmon and cream cheese
*A fresh soup by de chef

Burger Deluxe Winter Edition € 18.50

Burger deluxe

Soft brioche bun with 150 grams of top “Black Angus” beef burger,  fresh curly lettuce, tomato, crispy onion, crispy bacon, Cheddar cheese  and Thai mango-curry dressing. Served with Belgian fries and mayonnaise.

Appelmans Sandwich lunch € 19.50

Simmental roast beef brioche sandwich
Sesame brioche topped with Simmental roast beef slow cooked for 5 hours, caramelized Spanish onion, a dressing of grilled tomatoes and balsamic vinegar, French arugula, tomato salsa and finished off with melted cheddar. Served Matchstick fries and mayonnaise


Belgian Callebaut chocolate mousse

Appelmans Salad lunch € 26.50

Appelmans Salad

With chicken fillet, Ganda ham, green apple and yoghurt vinaigrette.
Fresh salad with corn chicken smoked on cherry wood, Ganda ham, green apple and yoghurt vinaigrette.


Avocado salad
Mesclun salad, mintchutney, springvegetables, fried avocado.


Crème brûlée

Appelmans Antwerp lunch € 33.00

Tomato soup
With cream and meatballs


Flemish Stew
Prepared with Antwerp ‘De Koninck’ beer.
Served with thick fries and seasonal vegetables


Antwerp ice cream
Lovely homemade ice cream with Elexir D’anvers and warm Callebaut chocolate sauce and fresh whipped cream.

Group formulas are served as from 15 persons

The numbers of participants and their  choice in main course, we expect 5 days in advance. As from 40 people, there is one choice in main course