Our lunch suggestions are available from Friday until Sunday from 12h to 15h.



Simmental roast beef brioche sandwich 13,50
Sesame brioche topped with Simmental roast beef slow cooked for 5 hours, caramelized Spanish onion, a dressing of grilled tomatoes and balsamic vinegar, French arugula, tomato salsa and finished off with melted cheddar.

BLT Bun 9,50
Kaiser roll with pork belly, cooked in “Lost in Spice” for 6 hours by Black Smoke’s pitmasters, and topped off with little gem salad, salsa fresca and pickles mayonnaise. Extra Belgian fries + 3,00 per serving

Croque Appelmans 12,50
Oven-baked sandwich made with chicken, cheddar, Serrano and pesto,

Goat Sandwich 9,50
Pure Prana bun with lukewarm goat’s cheese from the Campine by Polle, warm tomato salsa, honey dressing and fig compote. A side of Belgian fries with mayonnaise + 3,00 (Vegetarian)


Choose between fish and vegetarian and enjoy three lovely dishes on one “taloêr” (plate). Perfect for a varied lunch.

Shrimp croquette of gray North Sea shrimp, toasted sourdough bread with Scottish smoked salmon and cream cheese.
Served with a fresh soup by the chef.

Belgian cheese croquette, toasted sourdough bread with spread of
buffalo mozzarella by Belgian cheese master Van Tric, pesto and
tomato gremolata. Served with a fresh soup by the chef.


Classic Fish & Chips 21,00
Cod in a crispy beer batter served with pickled vegetables, Belgian fries and fresh tartar sauce.


Belgian classics

Tomato soup 7,00
With cream and meatballs.

Consommé 11,00
Clarified oxtail stock served at the table, with a seasonal fall garnish of oxtail, beech mushroom, peas in the pod and spring onion.

Shrimp Croquettes 16,00
Classic Ostend shrimp croquettes made with gray North Sea shrimps, mesclun salad and its vinaigrette.

Fried Duck Liver 21,00
Escalope of duck liver from the Périgord, grilled peach and tarte tatin of
red onion confit finished off with tomato caramel.

Belgian Cheese Croquettes 13,50
Classically served with deep-fried parsley, lemon and crostini with herbal-cheese dip.(Vegetarian)

Chef’s Starters (Only available during dinner)
Surprise selection of hot and cold creations. (Two-order minimum) 18,50 p/p

Cosmopolitan influences from the port

Paté de Campagne 13,00
Homemade paté de Campagne, chestnut blinis, gel of mandarin, golden raisins seasoned by the chef with Japanese mizuna salad.

“Gravad lax” Salmon 14,00
Salmon slow cooked and marinated in beetroot and dill with yuzu and
green lentil sprouts with textures of beetroot and cream of avocado.
Served with shrimp krupuk.

Pulpo 16,00
Grilled pulpo, candied vegetables, paprika aioli, radish.Finished with crunchy olives.

Carpaccio of Scottish Black Angus 18,00
Thinly sliced Black Angus beef, crispy artichoke, mustard caviar, grated Grana Padano, rucola, dried cherry tomatoes and crispy kamut.


Belgian classics

Appelmans Salad Starter 16,00   Main course 21,00
Fresh salad with corn chicken smoked on cherry wood, Ganda ham, green apple and yoghurt vinaigrette.

Cosmopolitan influences from the port

Thai Sashimi Style Tuna Salad Starter 17,00   Main course 23,00
Lightly fried sustainable tuna, marinated in soy and served with rice noodles, green beans, tomato, cucumber, coriander, Thai dressing.

Roast Beef Salad Starter 14,00 Main course 19,00
Japanese mizuna salad with Simmental roast beef slow
cooked for 5 hours, crispy onion, dressing of roasted tomatoes and balsamic vinegar, French arugula and tomato salsa.

Avocado salad Starter 14,00   Main course 19,50
Mesclun salad, mintchutney, fall vegetables, fried avocado. (Vegetarian)


Belgian classics

Ostend slip soles 27,00
Fried Ostend slip soles, tarragon mousseline and chervil, sautéed vongole, tartare of mussels from Zeelandic Flanders with a tomato salsa.
Served with matchstick fries or a boiled potato.

Antwerp Stew 18,50
Beef stew prepared with Antwerp De Koninck beer and served with thick-cut fries, mayonnaise and stewed green vegetables. Our Antwerp beef stew is best served with a real Antwerp Bolleke De Koninck.

Steak 250g 25,00
Grilled tournedos from Belgian West Flemish served with with Belgian fries, mushroom sauce, pepper sauce, Chipotle-lime butter or béarnaise.
Served with a side of choice.


– Belgian fries + 3,00
– Matchstick fries + 3,00
– Vegetable rosti + 2,50
– Fall mix of stewed forest mushrooms + 4,00
– Mixed salad, red wine vinaigrette, crispy kamut + 2,50
– Slow-cooked leek, doused in smoked mousseline, homemade crumble + 4,00
with ras el hanout and Grana Padano
– Salsify fritter + 3,00
– Sauces: Pepper, Mushroom, Béarnaise or red wine sauce + 3,00

Cosmopolitan influences from the port

Pappardelle 19,00
Tuscan wild boar ragu with onion, carrot and peas in the pod finished
with salsa verde in a tomatoed sauce and homemade Tuscan crumble.

Danish Cod 24,00
Creamy violet mashed potatoes, sautéed kale, peas in the pod
and forest mushrooms with Bordelaise sauce and bone marrow.

Appelmans Winter Deluxe Burger 18,50
Soft brioche bun with 150 grams of top “Black Angus” beef burger, fresh curly lettuce, tomato, crispy onion, crispy bacon, Cheddar cheese and Thai mango-curry dressing Served with Belgian fries and mayonnaise.

Malaysian Chicken 17,00
Teppanyaki-fried corn chicken supreme, in an eastern-style marinade with ginger, turmeric and coconut. Served with corn cake, grilled green asparagus, confit tomatoes and chai herbal sauce.

Pork belly 24,50
Pork belly lacquered with Mort Subite Kriek beer, cooked for 6 hours in “Lost in Spice” beer on cedar wood. Served with cream of butternut seasoned with ras el hanout and served with Brussels sprouts, pancetta and Blackwell sauce.

Lamb 23,00
Braised lamb from the Pyrenees, sautéed butternut pumpkin,
slow-cooked leek, vegetable rosti and red wine sauce.

Ballotine of Puy Lentils 19,50
With truffle oil, zucchini flour, crispy artichoke, dried tomatoes, cream of cauliflower, kombu dressing and matcha tea. (Vegetarian)

Holstein Rib Roast 1 kg for 2 people € 80
A Premium Selection bone-grilled double entrecôte of the famous Holstein
breed, known for its juicy and tender meat. Well-seasoned and cooked on the grill, served with Belgian fries, a side dish per person of your choice and mushroom sauce, pepper sauce, red wine sauce or béarnaise.


Pasta bolognese

Fried corn chicken, vegetable rosti and creamy tomato sauce

Cod fish fingers with tartare sauce


Stew and lasagne served with fries, vegetable rosti or cucumber-tomato salad with yoghurt dressing
Ice cream cone for kids, chocolate ice cream, brésilienne nuts

Only for kids up to 12 years old


Belgian classics

Dame Blanche 9,00
Lovely homemade vanilla ice cream with warm Callebaut Chocolate sauce and fresh whipped cream.

Moelleux au Chocolat 11,00
With a pâte de fruit of raspberry and vanilla ice cream.

Antwerp Tarte Tatin 9,00
Homemade tarte tatin, caramelized Boskoop apples baked in French pastry, scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.

Cheese from Cheese Master Van Tricht & son 14,50
A selection of 4 cheeses. (Tip: Porto Cocktail)

• Porto LBV (Late Bottled Vintage) 6,00

Cosmopolitan influences from the port

Carrot Cake 7,00
Carrot cake, sorbet of carrot and orange, crispy carrot chips, passion fruit.

Chocolate 10,00
Crunchy praliné with gingerbread, apples topped with Calvados,
milk chocolate crémeux, bergamot ice cream.

Lemon Cake 9,50
Butter-lemon cake, sponge cake, chocolate crémeux, sesame crunch, yogurt ice cream.


Pinot Gris 6,50
This white dessert wine is made from the Pinot Gris grape, offering hints of raisins and raspberries, ideal with cheeses and light desserts.

Black Doctor 6,50
This red dessert wine has a rich taste of red fruits with hints of cacao and vanilla. Perfect with chocolate and fruit.


Grey Goose Espresso Martini 11,00
Grey Goose Vodka firmly shaken with Kahlua, a shot of espresso and sugar syrup. Forget the Vodka Red Bull, this is the sublime way
of combining cafeine and vodka. Served straight up!

Porto Cocktail 10,00
Eristoff Lemon, Morgadio Late Bottled Vintage Port, Bols Butterscotch, Frangelico and Black Walnut bitters! A wonderful supplement to our cheeses from Van Tricht!

Baileys After Midnight 9,50
A sweet blend of Baileys, Kahlua and Frangelico. Perfect to finish off a meal.

Rusty Nail 10,00
A perfect classic balancing Johnnie Walker Red Label whisky and the famous Scottish liquor “Drambuie”. Served with a zest of orange.

Cookie Crumble 9,50
A silky smooth after-dinner with Bacardi Oakheart rum, Bols Butterscotch, Licor 43 and cream! It’s a liquid dessert!

Jack on Track 10,00
“Jack is Back” with this savory after-dinner with Jack Daniels Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey, cacao liqueur, hazelnut syrup, chocolate bitters and cream.

La Poppine € 11
This after-dinner cocktail with a fresh touch contains Baron Otard Cognac,
Frangelico, Tia Maria, chestnut syrup and fresh lemon juice. Daring and tasteful!