Brasserie Appelmans is perfectly suited for hosting groups in a stylish decor, at the heart of Antwerp’s inner city and literally and figuratively in the shadow of the cathedral.
Due to the versatility of the brasserie, mezzanines and the two bars, we can seat groups ranging from 20 to 200 guests.

The two cosy mezzanines of Brasserie Appelmans both have interesting assets. The small one looking over the brasserie and bar can seat groups of up to 40 people, while the large mezzanine can seat groups of up to 90 people. The latter also has a Private Bar which can be used for an aperitif or “pousse café”. We can provide for lunches, diners, receptions, seminars or company parties.
For such occasions, different formulas exist, comprising classical Belgian dishes and their modern variations. Presentation, quality, “back to basics” and a good price-quality balance are our most important assets.
You can go for a formula of nice house wines or choose a more refined wine arrangement.
Our drinks menu offers an extensive selection of great wines and spirits.
We’re happy to make creative menu adjustments for vegetarians or people with special dietary needs.

Should you have any special wishes, we will gladly listen to them and work out a personal offer.
Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll contact you swiftly!